Thursday, December 15, 2011

I see London...

My friend Andrea and I have been making underwear, bras, camisoles and I recently made a robe.  We have an etsy page called I See London I See France.  It has been a whole lotta fun for sure.  We recently sold items at the Missoula Made Fair, and we did a bang up job!  It was a very ego inflating experience to have people oooohhh and awwwww over our underthings.  Made all the fussy underwear making frustrations totally worth it.  

And I would like to announce another new business/life venture that I will be taking on in the Spring.  Seedlings!  Shall I explain?  Yes.  I am opening a Waldorf-inspired childcare business.  Big undertaking, but so right.  I have been leading up to this for quite some time, and now the time feels right.  It seems that life keeps getting more fine tuned for us.  Andy will be teaching a film review class at the University of Montana next semester, and was invited to Winnipeg to teach a workshop to some film buffs.  The kids are thriving, we are feeling a little less run down, and a little more prepared to conquer the world.  And, l have to say, it is about time.  

On an entirely different note, I am planning to ask Kinkos if they will give me their throw away paper, so that I can make some journals.  But if they don't, I totally plan to dumpster dive.  I'll let you know all about it tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday. xo

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  1. Right on! I am so excited for you and all this great movement and change, and I am inspired by your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Seems like you guys have made it through the rapids and you can release some of the tension and enjoy the view. Sending you lots of good I'm gonna go check out your online undie shop.


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