Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ode to my boy...


Here I am, 6 am, drinking my coffee, making oatmeal and not really believing it.  I keep fighting back tears that nobody will see anyway.  I roasted a chicken and baked a salmon fillet last night at 11:00, just to ease my mind a little.  Kindergarten does not really fit into our lifestyle thus far.  How are we going to do this?  This means we will have to get up early every morning, pack lunches the night before.  But mostly, I will be away from my boy more than I ever have been.  We are tight.  I fought this transition for a long time.  I was planning to home school until just a few months ago.  And here we are with backpack full of supplies and school clothes laid out on the couch.  And, somehow, I think it's going to be alright.

I will give this a try because I need to.  All along I was making the decisions for him, planting the homeschooling seed, choosing who we played with, meddling in every conversation he had with anyone.  I'm going to see how this goes.  He will choose who to play with,  and what he is interested and not interested in.  He will decide whether public school is his thing or not.  I'll stand back and observe, assist when needed, and listen wholeheartedly.  If he likes it, he can stay.  If he doesn't, we will figure it out.

I can say one thing though; that school is going to be psyched that I can't pry myself away from this boy.  They have a very eager volunteer on their hands.  Most importantly though, he will know that this is our school because my heart is walking around its hallways and classrooms. 


  1. So beautiful Jo, such a monumental step for a mama and her first born.

  2. Thanks Crystal. Big stuff. I hope you are well. You are about to embark on some big stuff too :)

  3. We did this, too, this year. We did homeschool for kindergarten, but he wanted to go to school for first grade, so we let him go. It's been difficult and interesting--interesting in no small part because he's realized that the good parts of school are a tradeoff with the bad and boring parts, and it isn't a bad thing to learn that. It's been difficult mostly because he was so far ahead of his class level that he isn't being challenged there, and the class spends almost no time on the things he's really interested in--science mostly. We are probably going back to homeschool next year, but not without having learned some valuable lessons. Anyway, I hope it's going well.


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