Monday, August 15, 2011

::3000 miles later::

Our journey east to northern Minnesota was epic.  All told we drove at least 3000 miles; through our enormous home state of Montana, then through the farmlands of North Dakota, and finally into Northern Minnesota.  I was pleasantly surprised by the terrain of the western North Dakota badlands, and found the flat never-ending-farm-land-middle and western part to be comforting and honest.

We swam in lakes nearly every single day.  I ran in drenching humidity every morning.  We went to The Taste of Dorset, an annual celebration in a town that only exists in the summer, and has more restaurants per capita then any other place in North America (or so they say at least).  We fell asleep to the call of loons every night.  We ventured to the North Shore and dipped our toes in the extremely cold Lake Superior, and slept in the sweetest little log cabin you have ever seen, in the woods. 

: Jumping off the dock at Marguerite's house :
 : Feeling sun-kissed :
: Little Sparkle :
: Asa found a buddy :
: Andy, Bill, Asa and Marguerite :
: The Taste of Dorset - Minnow racing :

                                                  : Some serious karate kid moves :
: Grandpa Wayne:

                                                        : The North Shore :

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  1. Oh! Summer adventures. I can't get enough. Look forward to seeing you and your family SOON. Love that sun kissed photo of you. xo


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