Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Warm pants for the wee boy...

When I walked into Selvedge the other day I saw this thick warm, not hideous looking fleece!  And, I wondered if I could get away with making a skirt for myself out of it?  I still might because it would be so very warm, though possibly not very attractive, but knowing myself, I wouldn't care and would probably wear it every day for the next six months.  So, yeah, I still might make it.

Anyhow here are the pants I made for Axel out of it.

He doesn't know about them yet, because I made them after he went to bed last night.  I'll snap a few pictures with them on; and then if they are really great, I'll list them on Etsy so that any of you fine folks can buy them up!  The knee pads were a little wonky because I left my straight pins at the studio, so I was just sort of holding them in place while sewing.  With this thick of fleece, there is a lot of shifting with the fabric.  I will definitely use straight pins to hold it down next time. 

That is all I have for today!  Onto some big cooking projects and some new ideas I'm cooking up outside of the kitchen.  Stay tuned.  Happy Wednesday! 


  1. they look really comfy and super cute too x

  2. Thanks! I'm wanting a pair for myself!


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