Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hung Over...

Didn't get a chance to squeeze in a post yesterday among all the Halloween hustle bustle.  Busy times.

Halloween with all of its lead up and anticipation, sugar, and late night results in: kid hang over.  Always.

We all love this holiday in our house, adults and kids alike, but man does it take it's toll.  This morning the first words uttered out of tired little mouths was, candy

So, after school today we are heading to Walking Stick Toys to cash in our candy, the candy fairy will be taking it off our hands, have you heard of her?  And, in exchange they will each get a new toy.  I should say, they ate their faces off in candy last night, no holds barred, total binge-fest.  Then, I let them pick their five favorites to keep for the week.  Andy and I will rifle through the bag for our faves too, ahem.  And then, off to fairy land it goes...

Speaking of fairy's  we built these fairy houses outside the other day.  It was really fun.


Slide.  Can you tell?

Consruction of...

And, speaking of fairies, check this out.  This lady makes the cutest fairy food imaginable.  And, she is having a Magical Fairy Birthday Party over at Walking Stick Toys.  We are so there. 

Happy Tuesday.  Hope you aren't too hungover.

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