Thursday, September 8, 2011

::Apples! Part 1::

The Homestead Orchard is exploding with apples this year.   We are picking and pressing and preparing to make all kinds of apple culinary delights.  These trees are over a 120 years old, and they still produce some decent fruit, which I find quite amazing.
The apples they produce aren't insanely tasty right off the vine, though our boys have no problem plowing through pounds of them (they just eat around the brown bits and worm holes, ahem).  However, these apples do make great cider!  

Yes Asa is wearing his pajama top and underwear.  And it's a good thing the camera was never turned in my direction.

Next, we drink however much of the fresh stuff we want.  Then Andy uses the rest to make hard cider that we drink throughout the year.  This year I am making apple butter, and I would like to try raw apple cider vinegar.  Any tips?  I'm getting some spotty internet advice, but haven't really tried in earnest yet.  

Happy picking out there!

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  1. You guys are living the dream! The apple cider (both normal and hard) sound fantastic, so does the apple butter for that matter. If you figure out a good way to make the raw cider vinegar please post about it!

    I'm a newbie to your blog, just happened upon it and love it! :)


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