Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One boot strap at a time...

Go through bills. Check. Figure out finances. Check.  Realize finances aren't really figure-outable. Check.  Make Apple Butter and can a shit-ton of it. Check.  Compartmentalize debt, and look at it like a challenge to be conquered. Double check.

This is my mental list.  It has been two weeks since my retail shop closed, and I feel like a fluid wave of efficiency.  My house is consistently clean for the first time in four years; and I am making good breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  I am home.  I'm paying attention to the details; like, are my kids fingernails clipped and cleaned

I have plans that involve my dreams, and within that, the logistics of how to make a livable income.  I feel ambitious most days, and really super busy, but positive, which is really the only choice I have.    On a bad day?  I can't even let myself get there.  Really.  I can't.  

So here goes my life in a new direction. I'm not waiting to see what comes next.  I'm making it happen, here. Right now. 

Asa has been learning about colors in Kindergarten this week.  Each day they are suppose to dress in a certain color.  Friday is rainbow day.  When looking at the sunset this evening, he said "Mom, this is what I want to look like on rainbow day".  Shit, how do I pull that one off? 

The boys and I found this bird late this evening.  She wasn't able to fly, and our cat almost had her for dinner.  We rescued her, and now have no idea what to do with her.  I'm not sure what her issue is.  Maybe a broken wing?  She is in a box now, in the old robin's nest left in our box by our door.  What to do with a broken bird?  We will see what tomorrow brings. 

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