Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elderberry Dresses

I'd like to give October a warm, friendly, inviting and sincere welcome.  I'm psyched to see October, he/she is a truly beautiful month.

Leaves are falling to the ground, mornings are chilly, days are hot.  Andy is pressing nine million gallons of cider.  Honestly, he is probably spending a good twenty or more hours per week doing something apple related.  I'm ok with it because it means I will get to drink tasty cider during the winter months, AND I can use some of it to make apple cider vinegar, and cider jelly.  Both are totally new for me, and both seem totally easy.  Famous last words.

Something I did do, and is totally easy is making Elderberry Syrup.  I got the recipe from the Meadow Sweet Herbs website.  This store is local and has every natural remedy, herb, tincture, salve etc. you need to keep your family healthy.  I now have several jars of it, and am actually looking forward to the first cough that escapes someones lips onto an unassuming family member, so that I can test the stuff out.  Maybe we'll go hang out at the mall to better our sick getting chances.  kidding.  of course.

I am a total dork for this witch doctor stuff though.  I love the idea of making our own medicine.  I recently ordered some facial oil from Angry Chicken, and I really love it.  She uses amazing oils, it smells super good, and probably the best part - she did a "magical incantation" on it, promoting radiance and confidence!  I really love that.

I made a dress recently, and it is only the third thing that I have made for myself that I actually like on.  And, I have made a lot of garments for myself. 

I like the neckline, the fit, and the comfort.  I even slept in it and it was really comfortable.  Also, it is simple, simple to make.  It would probably be very cute in a light weight wool for winter as well, with tights and a sweater.  Or perhaps long sleeve shirt underneath? 

Looking forward to some rain and cooler temps to keep us inside for a few days.  Happy Wednesday!

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