Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indoors to outdoors

Making the shift from outdoors to in.  Trying to figure out what winter gear is needed first, and where it all is.  So many pairs of mittens will be gone through.  Layers of wool underneath clothes are needed.  I have been drooling over these.  I feel like we need to prepare for long hours outdoors even on the coldest days, if we are going to stay sane this winter.  And, I plan to stay sane.

Making tea is a constant around here these days.  We have been making the Chai Tea recipe out of Cynthia Lair's cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family.  It is nice and spicy-sweet, and is made without caffeine if you are sharing with kids.  You can add a tea bag if you want the caffeine, which I do often.  But I'd like some more tea recipes.  Any ideas out there?  I'd love to hear what your favorites are.

 Happy Thursday out there! 

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  1. Oh, thanks for mentioning the Cynthia Lair recipe. I'll have fun looking it up in the book. We make a very unhealthy tea at Christmastime called "Russian" tea. Probably not what you are looking for, but yummy for a seasonal treat. It's on my blog if you're interested. For an "everyday" sweet tea I love Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice. Otherwise I'm a down to earth Lipton girl.


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